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Woozle Harmonicas

Tech 21 Fly Rig 5

Tech 21 Fly Rig 5

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This item is in very good used condition and includes an after-market 12v Power Supply. No original packaging. As pictured.

Woozle’s Review:

This remains one of my favorite all-in-one harmonica pedals. Run any Hi-Z microphone direct into the pedal with a 1/4” TS cable, and you’re ready to go! The Sans Amp block does all the work of emulating an excellent amp tone, including speaker cabinet emulation, and built in Reverb. Kick in the Plexi model for some killer distortion if needed (Honestly, I didn’t use the Plexi much, as the Sans Amp was plenty!) And when you need a little boost to help you cut through the mix during a solo, you’ve got that as well! Built in Delay with Tap Tempo lets you dial in just the right amount of slap for your sound. From there, you can run a balance TRS cable out to a board, or a TS cable to your favorite power amp. It’s a thing of beauty!


With the Fly Rig 5, no arena is too large and no stage is too small. Just grab your guitar and tap into five must-have pedals in Tech 21's award-winning arsenal: a genuine SansAmp, a reverb, a delay, a powerful boost and the incredible Plexi distortion. All of this in a streamlined, rugged metal housing that will easily fit in your guitar case. There are illuminated mini-controls to show active status, an included power supply and studio-grade, metal footswitches and jacks. It's everything you need and nothing you don't.

With the functionality of a full pedalboard, minus the crackling patch cables, dying batteries and ground loops, the Fly Rig 5 is a simple step to the rich, expressive combinations you can use for any session. Even when you want to use the latest digital supercomputer or a vintage tube amp, the Fly Rig 5 covers your ass like yoga pants. It's the perfect instant back-up rig when your boutique gear goes down exactly when you need it most.

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