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C.A.Seydel Sohne

Soundcheck Vol. 3 Setup Pack

Soundcheck Vol. 3 Setup Pack

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SEYDEL Soundcheck Vol. 03 - SETUP PACK - all you need for reed adjustment - detailed tutorial provided on the 2 GB USB-stick

SETUP TOOL with five essential functions:

1 Reedslot-sizer

2 Reedwrench (fits for instruments of all German makers)

3 Reed-support

4 Reedlifter

5 Scraper

For all individual harmonica reed adjustments – very detailed step-by-step tutorial (printable pdf) and tutorial-video provided on the 2GB USB stick.

Tuning a harmonica

Setting up reed offsets

Setting up the reed curve

Centering reeds

Sizing of the reed slot

Aims: Adjusting the instrument for your individual demands and optimising of reed response, bendability and overblows.


Note: Two shims in the white casing are part of the package. Requirements: PC with USB2 with PDF-viewer and video viewer installed (Win, Mac, Linux, Mobile OS).

All modifications shown in this manual are done at your own risk and void the guarantee given by the manufacturer.

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