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GA-FC / GA-FC EX Storage Brackets for Boss Katana 20 MkII

GA-FC / GA-FC EX Storage Brackets for Boss Katana 20 MkII

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Store your GA-FC or GA-FC EX foot controller securely on the back of your Boss Katana 20 MkII amp with these 3D-printed brackets. No more rattling or bouncing while transporting, and nothing protruding from the back of the amp. Includes digital download of STL file for DIY printing, or let me 3D print for you (👨‍🔧 additional cost).

3D Printable Brackets for the GA-FC pedal installed on a Katana 20 MkII EX

If you have a 3D printer and want to print these brackets yourself, select the Digital Download option and receive an STL file for the brackets.

If you'd like me to 3D print and mail you a pair of finished brackets ready for you to install, select the Physical Version.

Installation requires two screws on each bracket. (Not included)

***Important Notes***

The brackets will hold the pedal in place when the amplifier is transported in an upright orientation. It may still fall out if turned upside-down or put on its back. Consider adding a velcro strap or other securing device if your amplifier is not transported upright. Store cables and other items inside your combo amplifier at your own risk. Loose items could damage the speaker if not well secured.

This is not an approved or authorized BOSS product, so there is no guarantee installing these brackets will not impact the warranty of your Katana amplifier or the GA-FC. Use this product at your own risk.

***Additional Notes Regarding the Digital Version***

Printing the file with supports in the vertical orientation (as pictured in the 3D rendering below) ensures the most robust results. Printing the brackets horizontally (on their backs) may be faster and will likely not require support material. However, this layer orientation will make a weaker part. 20% infill is recommended. The supports pictured below are "Organic" Tree supports, manually set to only support the most critical face on the model. Your slicer may provide supports for the holes as well. Use your judgment to decide based on the capabilities of your printer.

Katana Brackets - 3D Print Orientation and Support Recommendations

This work is licensed under a Standard Digital File License.

You shall not share, sub-license, sell, rent, host, transfer, or distribute in any way the digital or 3D printed versions of this object, nor any other derivative work of this object in its digital or physical format (including - but not limited to - remixes of this object, and hosting on other digital platforms). The objects may not be used without permission in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, or collect fees.

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